digital photography: I Returned The Vertical Grip For The Fuji XT-20


My hand is too big to be able to hold the Fuji XT-20 comfortably.  So I decided to buy a vertical grip.

I found one in Amazon - Fotasy Vertical Grip Holder.  

But after an hour or so, I decided to return the item.

Here are my Top 3 reasons why I'm returning it.

1.  It doesn't come with a tool to be able to detach the side plate.  I know this is a minor issue but still it would have been better if they included an Allen wrench.

2.  I was expecting that it would make a lot of difference when holding the camera without any strap.  I felt less secure because the grip texture was smooth.  It would have been nicer if it's made with a rubber material.

3.  The bottom plate adds discomfort for some reason.

Please share your experience with this grip or let me know if you have any suggestions.

Keep on shooting!