japan 2017: Renting a pocket wifi - Global Advanced Comm

Rental process:  A couple of weeks before we left for Japan, I ordered a pocket wifi online from this website:  https://www.globaladvancedcomm.com

I would recommend this company because the rental process was so easy to follow.  Never had an issue in the rental process online.  I also received an email confirmation that my pocket wifi has been delivered to the location I specified which is the KIX airport.  When I picked up the package, I just showed the printed email confirmation.  Inside the package is the pocket wifi itself, charger, prepaid return envelope, and the instructions on how to connect.  The pocket wifi was fully charged and we were able to use it right away.  

Rental Plan:  We chose the Premium Plan which has a 75Mbps speed.  

Battery:  We used the pocket wifi the whole day.  We never run out of battery power.

Data and Speed:  We never had any issues with data consumption.  We would use it to browse for directions, search for restaurants, stores, tourists attractions.  We also posted a lot on social media the whole day.  We could go live as well on IG and FB without any glitch on data connection.  

Return:  Before we checked-in at Narita Airport, we just dropped the prepaid envelope in the red postal bin.