digital photography: I Switched From Canon to Fuji

I've been a Canon user ever since I started in photography.

My first camera is the Canon Powershot S30.  I then moved to Canon 350D.  Then added a Canon Powershot S90 to my arsenal.

In 2012, I upgraded to a full frame body.  I bought the Canon 5D MK II.  But it didn't help me to get out of the photography rut.  

Bought another camera and this time it's a Fuji brand.


I just wanted a smaller camera that I thought can deliver the same performance as my 5D but in a smaller size.  But I was wrong.  I wasn't too happy with my Fuji XE-2.

The XE-2 is a great camera but not for the way I shoot.  I felt that it was slow for my style of shooting.

I am a street photographer and I love taking candid moments.  I missed a number of scenes because the camera takes longer to 'wake up'.  And i have other reasons.

Anyway, I traded my XE-2 for a Fuji XT-20 and now I'm a satisfied Fuji user (let's see after a few months hahaha!)

I'm a happy camper!  The XT-20 has everything I wanted in a camera (I think hahaha!):

  1. small and lightweight 
  2. takes videos (has a 4K option)
  3. tilt screen
  4. looks like a simple camera.  (People think I'm just a tourist taking random snapshots)

By the way, I use it with a Fujinon 23mm F2 WR.

Goodbye, Canon! ...for now. πŸ˜‰


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