digital photography: I Returned The Vertical Grip For The Fuji XT-20


My hand is too big to be able to hold the Fuji XT-20 comfortably.  So I decided to buy a vertical grip.

I found one in Amazon - Fotasy Vertical Grip Holder.  

But after an hour or so, I decided to return the item.

Here are my Top 3 reasons why I'm returning it.

1.  It doesn't come with a tool to be able to detach the side plate.  I know this is a minor issue but still it would have been better if they included an Allen wrench.

2.  I was expecting that it would make a lot of difference when holding the camera without any strap.  I felt less secure because the grip texture was smooth.  It would have been nicer if it's made with a rubber material.

3.  The bottom plate adds discomfort for some reason.

Please share your experience with this grip or let me know if you have any suggestions.

Keep on shooting!







digital photography: I Switched From Canon to Fuji

I've been a Canon user ever since I started in photography.

My first camera is the Canon Powershot S30.  I then moved to Canon 350D.  Then added a Canon Powershot S90 to my arsenal.

In 2012, I upgraded to a full frame body.  I bought the Canon 5D MK II.  But it didn't help me to get out of the photography rut.  

Bought another camera and this time it's a Fuji brand.


I just wanted a smaller camera that I thought can deliver the same performance as my 5D but in a smaller size.  But I was wrong.  I wasn't too happy with my Fuji XE-2.

The XE-2 is a great camera but not for the way I shoot.  I felt that it was slow for my style of shooting.

I am a street photographer and I love taking candid moments.  I missed a number of scenes because the camera takes longer to 'wake up'.  And i have other reasons.

Anyway, I traded my XE-2 for a Fuji XT-20 and now I'm a satisfied Fuji user (let's see after a few months hahaha!)

I'm a happy camper!  The XT-20 has everything I wanted in a camera (I think hahaha!):

  1. small and lightweight 
  2. takes videos (has a 4K option)
  3. tilt screen
  4. looks like a simple camera.  (People think I'm just a tourist taking random snapshots)

By the way, I use it with a Fujinon 23mm F2 WR.

Goodbye, Canon! ...for now. 😉


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